Buy 12 get 12 FREE or Double the Deal!

Buy 12 get 12 FREE! OR Double the Deal !

Terms & Condition

• This promotion is only valid for applications submitted through EduHub until 30th June 2024.

• The 12-weeks and 24-weeks General English courses require payment in full upfront.

• Application fee, material fee, COE fee, and other fees are applied.

• Times Education reserves the right to provide the final interpretation of the promotion

• If a student’s visa is refused, the agent needs to GUARANTEE that the “FREE Course” fee collected will be refunded to the student, and the college will refund based on the actual fees received.

• Offer Letters will remain the full amount of Tuition fee 

• If the student pays tuition fees to the college, the agent can claim a 100% commission for the ‘Free Course’ if the following condition is met:

1. Student’s visa is successfully granted.

2. The student needs to attend orientation.

3. Commission needs to be processed in the third week after the start of the corresponding instalment of the course.