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EduHub is a comprehensive system which assists agents manage every single student with ease. From filling out the registration form to accepting the offer letter, from payment to Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE), these can be completed directly on the platform, and the progress of the application is always under control.

In addition, EduHub can also track the progress of students’ tuition fees at any time, remind agents about the upcoming payment of each student, and the expiration date of student’s visa,  ensuring agents can organise and well plan students’ academic life in advance.

The emergence of this EduHub platform is undoubtedly a new breakthrough in education, because it is an unprecedented solution that has been carefully designed and developed to suit the needs of agency directors. EduHub can also help our agent directors control the work progress of their employees, and systematically analyses the application progress and the number of successful registrations of each employee in order to facilitate performance assessment. This platform sets up corresponding privacy mechanisms according to different levels of employees and supervisors,  and assists employees to achieve enrollment goals.

What’s more exciting is that EduHub’s excellent automatic billing system can also help agents manage and track the progress of commission payments, and can use commissions to pay students’ tuition fees transparently and easily.



Instant quotation

You will get students quotation on EduHUB instantly

Review COE

Easily review and check COE progress on EduHUB

Easy Payment

Easy payment process & lowers exchange rate guarantee

Auto Commission Invoices

Automatically Issue Commission Invoices

STREAMLINED application

STREAMLINED application process and promptly issued letter of offer

Real time Tuition Invoice

Automatically issue tuition invoice

Instant Payment Updates

Eduhub will send you the student payment updates instantly

Visa Expiry Reminder

EduHUB will send you reminders for students whom visa will expire soon

KPI Performance

Enhance Student Counselors’ KPI Performance

Digitalised Payment

Digitalised Commission Payment – pay tuition fee with commission

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